Matched Betting Calculator

Match Betting Calculator

Use this calculator to pin point the wager and odds required to ensure you are in the profit with every Free Bet you are profiting from.


Normal = Qualifying Bet
SNR = Stake Not Returned
SR = Stake Returned (Unlikely to find a promotion which returns the free bet stake But if its out there you will find it here)

How To Use The Matched Betting Calculator


In the example below, we are looking at the Totesport sign up offer. This offer says if we bet £25 and it loses we will get a £25 free bet. We still want to bet at odds over 5.0 to maximise the profit. We have found a match of 7.00 to BACK and 7.4 to LAY. We are going to put all of these details into the calculator as shown below:

  1. We enter the BACK stake, £25 in this case.
  2. We enter the BACK odds, 7.00 in this case.
  3. The LAY odds at the exchange are 7.40
  4. Enter the LAY commission for the exchange you are using.
  5. Free bet award is what you will get if your first bet loses
  6. How much of the free bet should retain (if it is a SNR bet this should be 80%. If the money is returned as cash, enter 100%)
  7. This shows you what you should LAY at the exchange. The LAY stake is £21.09 and the liability is £134.98 (remember this is how much you will need in the exchange account)
  8. This shows us the breakdown where our profit will come from based on the first bet winning or losing.